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Our latest Try-Before-You-Buy campaign in conjunction with Starkey Hearing Technologies is well underway - Contact us now if you would like to take part in the trial.

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SOUNDLENS Synergy Series - New & Improved for 2021


Starkey's Soundlens is the new updated version of the World's Smallest Custom Hearing Device - and is the hearing aid of choice for those who seek a very discreet solution to lack of hearing definition. Ask us about SOUNDLENS - Call Now for a brochure.

We Repair Hearing Aids On-Site


Often repairs can be done While-You-Wait!


Have you been told your current hearing aid is unrepairable? We have full-time hearing aid technicians on-staff and would be happy to take a look at your problem. Call Us Now.

Our Services:

Hearing Aids & More in Melbourne

  • Digital Hearing Aid Fittings

  • Miniature Hidden Versions

  • Hearing Testing / Evaluation

  • Hearing Aid Repairs On-Site

  • Tinnitus Management

  • Batteries and Accessories

  • Earmould Manufacturing

  • Home and Hospital Visits

  • Musicians Hearing Protection

  • Pre-Employment Audiometry

  • In-Ear Monitors Made On-Site

  • Custom BlueTooth Ear Fittings

  • Motor Racing Earpieces

  • All Customised Earpieces for Radio, Television and Comms'

  • Sleeping Plugs Custom Made

  • Shooters Earplugs

  • Specialised Services

Our friendly telephone staff will help you with information and advice about our products and our outstanding customer service. 

We strive for excellent outcomes as we know this produces referrals to our business. Get in touch for a chat now.

Why choose Telex as your provider?

Anthony Plumb is a 2nd generation hearing aid specialist and the most experienced and caring in the area - with over 36 years of hearing care and rehabilitation. He can count 3 generations of Victorian families as clients. 

Hearing Services Eligibility?

Call to see if you’re eligible:  03 9844 3511