What Happens When You Visit Us About Your Hearing: 


Hearing is precious - and hearing well is something we all want.


When you visit us for your free consultation - we will sit down with you in a relaxed environment and discuss how your hearing is affecting your lifestyle and those of the people around you. We will likely ask about any background to your problem, family history, medical and other factors.


Then we will evaluate your hearing using the latest equipment and procedures. This is a full hearing evaluation at no charge to you.


When we discuss the results it will be in a language you understand, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions or seek clarification about your hearing loss.


We will be able to offer you input into the technology, style and cost of the available solutions to your hearing problem.


We understand that for most people - a hearing aid should be as small as possible and not interfere with glasses, hats and caps. It should be discreet and not 'stick-out' or fall off.


The hearing aid should be properly fitted, usually custom-made from an impression of the ear, and not generically fitted - although this practise is becoming far too common.


Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome, and this means that you will have a hearing aid you are happy to wear because of its small size, comfort and clarity.



What Happens Next?


If you like the sound of the hearing advice we have given you - you might like to have a hearing aid custom made - and be able to try the hearing aid in your home and other environments before you commit to buying it.


This trial includes visitng us once a week to discuss your experiences with the new hearing aid, and we may adjust the settings as a result of our discussions. Again these visits are free of charge.


After several weekly discussions and fine-tuning, a decision can be made on whether to proceed to buying the hearing aid(s). We call this Try-Before-You-Buy and we believe it is the fairest and most comprehensive method of you evaluating the latest technology - on your terms.


Even after the hearing aids are purchased, we prefer you continue to visit at very regular intervals for further adjustments as you become accustomed to your new hearing aids. Further adjustments may be necessary - they are highly tunable devices and we are very experienced and patient with long-term rehabilitation and aftercare.


Please consider visiting us and discussing a trial hearing aid fitting.




Service to our clients is our best advertisement.

Telex is one of the oldest hearing aid companies in the world - established in 1936.

The Plumb family purchased the business in 1977 - and to celebrate over 40 years service to the hearing impaired, we have continued our very special offer for clients:

5 Years free Warranty and 5 Years free battery supply on all fittings during 2020 - OFFER EXTENDED INTO 2021 - CALL NOW!!!

If your hearing aid is more than a couple of years old and you are not getting the results you want - try a direct comparison with some new models to assess the improvement available. 

Wireless Microphones - still Included free of charge along with Remote Control and TV Unit.

Accessory microphones are a fabulous accessory for hearing aids.

They will "zoom-in" on sounds and assist with clarity and speech definition. You can take it home and try it in different situations.

If it's been more than two-years since your last hearing test - you might be surprised at what we can offer you.


Please feel free to call and discuss the latest developments in hearing aid technology.